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It's important to select the right equipment to ensure product quality throughout the LN2 delivery system. 

We rent, lease, and sell liquid cylinders and dewars manufactured by industry leaders MVE, Chart Dura-Cyl, and Cyl-Tec. We also carry a range of equipment accessories.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar

MVE Lab Series Cryogenic Liquid Dewars

mve dewars.png

These MVE high efficiency, super insulated dewars are the most convenient economical way to store and dispense liquid nitrogen. They are ideal for use at clinics and surgeries.

MVE Lab Dewar Tank Features.png
MVE Lab Series Specs.png
Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders

Chart Dura-Cyl & Cryo-Cyl Liquid Cylinders

The Dura-Cyl and Cryo-Cyl series of cylinders are the most rugged yet efficient on the market today.

The Cryo-Cyl series of cylinders have been designed to transport, store, and dispense liquid oxygen, nitrogen, or argon in their liquid states only, whilst the Dura-Cyl series of cylinders are designed to transport, store, and dispense liquid oxygen, nitrogen, or argon as a cryogenic liquid or gas.    

DuraCyl Tanks Titan.png
Liquid N2 Cyl 230lt.jpg

Cyl-Tec Liquid Cylinders

The Cyl-Tec cryogenic liquid cylinders 180HP, 200HP, and 240HP are primarily used for the supply of gaseous product rather than liquid.  If these cylinders are to be used for liquid withdrawal then the cylinder must be refitted with a 22 psig low pressure relief valve to minimize product loss due to flash-off associated with higher pressures.      


We carry an inventory of various parts and accessories for liquid dewars and cylinders.  For example, items such as pouring spouts, pressurizing dispensing devices, and dippers can be used with MVE Lab Series dewars to aid in transfer of liquid nitrogen.


Manual Discharge



Pouring Spouts

gas regulator.jpg

Protective Shipping


Gas Regulator

MVE dipper1.png

Cryo Dippers


Measuring Sticks

Transfer Hose.png

Transfer Hoses


Liquid Nitrogen


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